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The purpose of this page is to confirm the general policy of Appalachian Region Missions, Inc. in regards to selecting qualified persons or groups of persons for assistance.

Qualifications are as follows:

1. Elderly persons on low, fixed income

2. Working heads of families with low income - Generally, this group does not have insurance and do not qualify for State or Federal Assistance Programs. Included in this group are those families who have large medical expenses for which they receive no assistance.

3. Single parents, grandparents, or guardians with low income, serving as the head of household with children where the father does not support his child(ren)

4. Persons who are physically or mentally challenged with low income

5. Other special circumstances

Under no circumstances shall any of the products provided by Appalachian Region Missions, Inc. be sold, traded, or swapped. Any applicant doing so shall be immediately disqualified to receive products and shall not be reinstated.

This program supports the family unit of a married man and woman providing a stable environment for their children living in one household, a single parent living alone or in the home of a relative, or grandparents providing shelter and care for grandchildren.

Three Lifestyle Habits That Can Affect Your Participation

1. The use of illegal drugs, the illegal use of drugs prescribed by a qualified physician, or the use of any agent for the purpose of intoxication

2. Abusive use of alcohol

3. Smoking

The purpose of this program is to help those who are willing to help themselves. Those who benefit from our programs have a responsibility to themselves and their families to live a lifestyle that is not detrimental to their health or the health of others in the home. We will not support a personal lifestyle that is either a hazard to the health of the applicant and others in the home, or one that does not wisely use finances. Information regarding qualified agencies that can help will be available at our distribution offices.

Each application is considered on its individual merits. We do not guarantee any application will be accepted, nor do we guarantee applicants will receive assistance each and every month. We shall do our best to adjust to the most urgent needs of the communities we serve.


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