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A Letter From The Founder

In November and December of 1996, members of my family and I began providing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to qualified families and individuals in Harlan and Bell counties in Kentucky. Volunteers from various communities joined with us to expand distribution of food, new clothing, and other items necessary for daily living. We have added five additional counties, have over one hundred volunteers, and continue to grow. No one receives a salary; we are an all volunteer organization.

Our mission has always been to assist the neediest of the needy. We have grown from making deliveries on a stock trailer to the use of large tractor-trailer trucks delivering as much as 44,000 pounds of quality foods at a time. We now serve as many as 15,000 individuals in Bell, Clay, Estill, Harlan, Leslie, Letcher, and Perry counties. There is never a charge for any of the products distributed.

The elderly on low fixed income are the first group to receive our assistance. Parents working at low income wages to provide a home for their children also, rightly, deserve our assistance. We direct our programs to these two groups. Other special needs are served when possible.

I believe we are unique because we welcome other Outreach Ministries to join Appalachian Region Missions to meet the needs of the less fortunate. Many have done so and we thank them for their efforts. I also wish to thank the churches, companies, and individuals that provide finds, products, and services that keep this great service ongoing. It is truly a joint effort. I hope all are blessed in spirit for their efforts.

Personally, I am very proud of all the folks who make this effort possible. I serve with the best!

There are no paid salaries at Appalachian Region Missions, Inc. Dedicated Volunteers from the communities being served provide the labor to prepare boxes of food and other items and make deliveries to the homes. Without these volunteers we could not provide free service to the less fortunate. I ask you to remember these dear volunteers in your prayers.

Thank you for your interest and support.


John H. Payne



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