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Outreach Ministries Take Notice

Once again, a sweet potato farmer has selected Appalachian Region Missions to place hundreds of tons of quality sweet potatoes. Contact John Payne at 1-(901) 409-5876. There is no charge for the potatoes, you pay only transportation charges. They are shipped in forty foot open dump trucks in 44,000 pound lots. Not available for commercial purposes, you must give them to the needy, free of charge, and be able to show signatures and phone numbers of all who receive them.

The leadership of Harlan County has joined our efforts to serve the less fortunate. We thank them for becoming part of our Neighbor Helping Neighbor program.

Appalachian Region Missions is an all volunteer organization who donate hours of work, pay their own transportation costs, and work very hard to see that our products are handled in the most efficient manner possible. When you meet one, please take time to say 'Thank you'. They are the very backbone of Neighbor Helping Neighbor.

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